Green Living: A Comprehensive Guide to a Happy and Sustainable Life


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Do you aspire to live a green or zero-waste life, but just don’t know where to begin? Green Living is here to guide you to an eco-friendly lifestyle through approachable, easy-to-implement strategies.

Authored by the successful website, which is dedicated to making news and topics across sustainability and innovation accessible to everyone, this indispensable resource is packed with suggestions and ideas to implement sustainable living in all areas of your life and home. You’ll be inspired to dive deeper into green living and feel empowered by your choice to help the environment and create a healthier household.

Learn not just the “why” of going green, but the “how,” with quick-and-easy tips to substitute unsustainable and unhealthy products with greener options. Each chapter has Seed, Sprout, and Tree steps to help meet you where you’re at and develop your green practices in a way that works with your lifestyle. With additional micro-actions and tips throughout as well as definitions for commonly used green terminology, this book is for people just getting started or those looking to learn more eco-friendly hacks.

Save money (and the planet) with easy steps like switching to single-use alternatives like reusable straws and cloth shopping totes. Also, find resources to help you get creative and reuse materials you already have for a new purpose, from DIY pet toys to home decor, minimizing what you buy and preventing materials from going into the landfill. Other topics covered:
  Recycling and composting Eco-friendly cleaning Minimalist organizing Green beauty Sustainable fashion
This comprehensive guide to green will take a permanent place on your bookshelf as you return to it again and again on your journey to sustainability.

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There are a variety of ways to lower the number of microfibers your laundry cycle releases. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, you can

• run loads as full as possible (full loads cause less friction and fewer microfibers to shed).

• wash with cold water, which encourages fewer microfibers to release and uses less energy.

• wear clothing made from natural materials instead of synthetics.

• wash your clothing less often.

• use a wash bag made to capture microfibers in the washing machine.

• use a Cora Ball when you do laundry to help prevent microfibers from breaking off in the first place and collect the ones that do so that you can put them in the trash instead of letting them go into the water system.



This word is used to define natural resources (especially energy sources) that are not depleted by use. Examples include wind and solar power; some sources state that water is a renewable energy source, but water is depleted with use and is quite scarce in many areas of the world. To a certain extent, water can replenish itself (in the form of precipitation and condensation), but as the world’s population grows, we are using our water—particularly our fresh drinkable water—at a much faster rate than it can replenish itself. No fossil fuels are renewable.

Nonrenewable resources

Sometimes called finite resources, nonrenewable resources are natural resources that are not replenishable at the rate at which humanity uses them. They are earth minerals and metal ores that we use to make cars or microchips and fossil fuels to power our lives. While they were integral in the advancement of industrialization and powering our modern world, there are many reasons we should reconsider using them, not limited to the harm their extraction and use cause the environment or the fact that one day these resources will simply run out.

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Here are some national organizations that will distribute clothing and other donations directly to those who need them.

TerraCycle specializes in repurposing and recycling unusual items. Its Fabrics and Clothing Zero Waste Box lets you buy a box from the company, fill it with clothing and fabric (no matter what condition it’s in), and ship it to TerraCycle for repurposing.

Soles4Souls is a national shoe-recycling program.

Dress for Success aims to improve the lives of women by helping them find jobs and secure financial independence, among other things. Dress for Success gives clothes directly to women in need, so it collects mostly women’s professional wear.

Room to Grow accepts baby and toddler clothing, as well as toys, books, play mats, bibs, bassinets, potties, high chairs, and so on, which are donated to families in need.

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