Shipping Container Homes: The Complete Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to Building a Modern and Sustainable Shipping Container Home, Including Plans, Designs, and Eco-Friendly Ideas


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Have you been itching to build your personal eco-friendly shipping container home but want to avoid costly mistakes that most DIYers make?

Many people agree that traditional housing options are bad for the environment, and see shipping container homes as the perfect alternative home solution to our climate problem. Plus, there’s a unique satisfaction that one gets from building their own home.

As with any endeavor, building a shipping container home can be intimidating if you lack the information surrounding the rules and regulations, how to choose the right shipping container, or how to determine the correct foundation. I often get asked, can I get an internet connection in a shipping container home? How do I prevent mold and condensation from developing inside the container? What is the best material to use for insulation, and where do I get plans and designs that are easy to follow?

Whether you are a beginner with no experience in home-building and need a step-by-step guide to get you started, or you are a DIY guru with construction experience who is just looking for best practices, plans, and designs to help you build your ideal shipping container home, this is the book for you. The lessons it contains will answer your questions to take you from zero to hero.

After reading this book, you will know how to build a shipping container home from start to finish. You will also know:

The benefits of building a shipping container home vs. purchasing a prefab shipping container homeThe laws and regulations regarding shipping container homes in the US, UK, Canada, and AustraliaHow to identify a quality container before purchasingThe tools and equipment you need for your projectHow much you can expect to spend building a container homeHow to build a green roof and the much coveted off-grid container homeHow to get an eco-friendliness ratingDesign considerations to make your home safe and last longerTips to maximize spaceHow to build a tech-friendly home

I have written this book based on my experience as an architect, and the lessons learned since I began building shipping container homes. The philosophy behind this book is that if you can dream it, you can live it. For this reason, I have included several plans that anyone can follow, as well as tips to help you navigate parts of the construction that might be complicated for the average DIY. With detailed step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to build an eco-friendly shipping container home from start to finish.

I believe that you will be inspired by this book, and open yourself to the design and lifestyle possibilities that shipping container homes offer. The design ideas presented in this book can easily be followed.

Perhaps you already have a design that has captured your heart, and you cannot wait to make the dream come true. The lessons contained in this book will help you make your ideas a reality. In all our discussions, the fundamental principle is to realize our dreams while protecting the planet. It is the only one we have; our duty is to make it last for future generations.

There is no need to wait any longer. Grab your copy and take a leap into the world of cargotecture and join us in saving the world one container at a time.

From the Publisher

the ultimate upcycling projectthe ultimate upcycling project

A Unique Home

Few options compete with shipping container homes as alternate homes. They are robust, affordable, and flexible enough to give you the unique opportunity of designing your own comfortable home. You might be thinking of building a second home, a cozy retreat, or a full-time home. The modular nature of shipping containers allows you to build the home of your dreams without worrying about the impact on the environment.

Shipping Container Homes provides three detailed projects to suit every budget, plus designs to inspire the hidden creativity in every DIY enthusiast. For each of the detailed projects, the views you need to conceptualize the design and replicate the ideas have been developed.

simple easy ideassimple easy ideas

Installing A Green Roof

An eco-roof reduces your insulation costs and gives you gardening space right above your roof, especially if you fancy living in a city where space is at a premium. With a green roof, you can:

Improve the air quality around your homeEstablish a garden attractive to organisms beneficial to the environmentMinimize the use of manufactured roofing insulation materials

Do you value space or comfort? This book helps you select the perfect size of shipping container for your needs. From single-unit container homes to multiple stacked container homes, there is a design for everyone contained in this book.

More Ideas

The versatility of shipping containers allows you to blend shipping containers with other building materials such as recycled wood to create additional space and unique exteriors. Other ideas are stacking and butt-joining containers to create adjoining walls. You will learn how to build a home using a refrigerated container and the benefits of using this type of container to keep the internal living conditions comfortable.

choosing your paradisechoosing your paradise

Standard 20 Ft Container

Despite the higher cost per square foot because of increased demand, this is a favorite choice for people looking to get their feet wet with container home building. It is the smallest standard container size available on the market. This container size is great to build an additional home in the backyard. The benefits are ease of transport, quick conversion time, and lower building costs for simple designs.

Standard 40 Ft Container

This container is popular with home builders looking to live full-time in a shipping container home. There is an abundant supply in shipyards, classifieds, and online stores. This option offers just over 300 sq. ft of living space. Single units can adequately provide enough indoor space to be a stand-alone home with all essentials included.

High Cube Containers

Designs using high cubes offer additional headroom with no modifications required. Easy to customize to create additional overhead storage.

Benefits An aesthetically pleasing home Freedom of choice and easy relocation Personal growth from discovering new skills A detailed step-by-step guide to getting good results the first time Tips on mistakes to avoid Peace of mind from knowing that sustainable mortgage-free living is possible

a legally compliant homea legally compliant home

modern tech-friendlymodern tech-friendly

a corten steel fortressa corten steel fortress

The rules to be followed are detailed in this book, saving you the inconvenience of having your project miss the mark on the required regulations. You will know:

Friendly shipping container home statesRules regarding connecting to the gridPlumbing requirementsRules on the sections that can be cut

This book includes ideas to remain connected to the internet, for both on-grid and off-grid shipping container home living styles. You will learn how to:

Prevent signal attenuationBoost weak internet signals for broadband internetInstall functional home automation systems

This book teaches you how to take advantage of the shipping container’s mechanical properties to secure your home and protect the occupants and contents from natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. The tactics include:

Securing the home to a foundation to prevent movement during violent windsCreating water-proof seals to prevent water from entering your home during a flood.

About the Author

Daniel Lacewell is an experienced professional architect with years of experience in designing minimalist alternative homes and offices. After leaving college, Daniel became an adherent advocate of the sustainable living agenda and developed a passion for functional, yet simple designs. He discovered by accident the potential for shipping container homes to reduce our carbon footprint, and his life has never been the same. Since starting his journey in cargotecture over six years ago, he has inspired and helped countless individuals to build their own shipping container homes regardless of their budget. Minimalism is at the heart of all his architectural projects, and this philosophy is reflected in the content presented in this book.

Outside of work, his interests are listening to music, fishing, camping, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones. In all his travels within the US and around the world, the popularity of shipping container homes as an alternative housing option became even more evident. Most of the ideas presented in this book are the product of his travels and professional exchange with fellow contemporary architects. For him, the intimacy of shipping container homes has proven invaluable to connect better with family and to make new friends with a common goal to make the world a better place.

In the future, he plans to continue using his architectural and design knowledge to help people live sustainably and is currently helping his partner run a shipping container home building class for the young generation. He is a strong believer that a new American dream founded on sustainability is necessary, and he responsibly teaches the next generation concepts on sustainable living. Eventually, he plans to settle down and retire to his off-grid shipping container home retreat to enjoy the work of his hands with his partner.

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